Too Little Too Late

So you already know from previous posts, that the U.S. did not join the war until 1941 and that we didn’t join because of Jewish persecution but rather we joined for political reasons. Economical reasons. The U.S. still continued their business with Germany after the war started and did not stop trade with Germany until we were at war. Hitler came to power in 1933, so who else joined for the wrong reasons and joined too little too late? 


Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg joined the war after they were invaded by Germany in 1940 but Greece, Yugoslavia, the United States, China, and Brazil didn’t join until 1941-1942. Why did these few countries join the war effort so late? (I am skipping over the U.S. in this post because it is the majority of my blog and has been covered)




Greece entered World War II on 28 October 1940, when the Italian army invaded from Albania, beginning the Greco-Italian War. The Greekarmy was able to halt the invasion temporarily and was able to push the Italians back into Albania. The Greek successes forced Nazi Germany to intervene.



The invasion of Yugoslavia, also known as the April War, was a German-led attack on the Kingdom of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers which began on 6 April 1941. 
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When Japan invaded China the Communists under Moa were in a Civil War with the Nationalists under Chiang Kai-shek who believed in democracy and was in power. With the attack they decided to put their differences behind each other for a bit and try to drive out the Japanese.
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Brazil’s participation in World War II was the culmination of a foreign policy emphasis that began in 1902. That year, Foreign Minister Rio Branco set Brazil on a course of close relations with the United States. He believed that ties with the United States, a growing world power, would promote Brazil’s aims at leadership in the Latin American region and provide international prestige.
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Also, check out this blog for information on Allied trading during the war and I will make a post summarizing it soon!



“Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us.”

-John F. Kennedy


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